Monday, December 24, 2012

Pcast 36 Holiday Edition - Dark Knight Give Away (N&V)

Love Home Alone

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Getting in the holiday cheer, Null and Void is giving away a copy of the Batman Trilogy 
on Blu Ray.  How do you enter for a chance to win ?  Simply leave a comment below on 
this post (make sure you leave a handle so we can contact you).  We will select a random 

What we talked about in Podcast 36:
  • Holidays ! 
  • Survive the Apocalypse 
  • Give Away
  • Help out Sandy Hook
  • Shiiiiiiiit
  • Kinect
  • Turk Turkelton
  • Belly Buttons
  • NRA 
  • Jack Reacher
  • Porn
  • Japan

A pizza in a pizza!

They keep growing, and growing, and growing

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TMNT (Turtle Power) - ERROR !

Hope Michael Bay doesn't Ruin this. (well worst then TMNT III)

(As mentioned in Podcast 35...)

Man this has bothered me for so long.... I love the Ninja Turtles, I loved the movies (not the third one). I remember being a little kid watching them in the theaters overwhelmed with joy.  Seeing my favorite characters on the big screen was a child's dream come true.... but I have a gripe that gets to me every time I hear it....

Did you listen closely to the lyrics ?

"Leonardo, Michelangelo, & Donatello. Make up the group with another fellow, 
Raphael, he is the leader of the group"

What the hell... does Partners in Kryme (the artist) not know who the hell the
real leader is ? God, its such an awesome ass kicking song but inevitably tainted by
that line.

Leonardo is the LEADER... get it right, as shown by the cartoon.

At least Turtles II came through with another killer song (hey back then, this was the bomb)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandy Hook Tragedy - How can I Help ?

Our hearts go out to all the families who lost loved ones at Sandy Hook. I can't recall ever feeling so sick after reading CNN. Those kids had their entire lives ahead of them, and to meet such a unjust tragic end really makes wonder whats wrong with the world?  Honestly, the thought of all those Christmas presents wrapped and waiting in closets that will never be given saddens me to my core.  While you can't blame the world's troubles on a single individual's sickness, one is left wondering how can such evil things happen. 

I'm sure you've seen the Facebook posts about gun control and mental illness.  And I hope it brings awareness about these two important issues in order to prevent tragedies like this reoccurring   The support of Facebook and social media have been great.  But what can we do to help? 

First is the United Way of Western Connecticut
You can find information about mailing checks, or credit card donations.

You got Paypal?  Reach over to Newtown Town Parent Connection  and donate directly there.

Newtown Youth and Family Services

Sandy Hook Family Fund

The “My Sandy Hook Family Fund" has been established by local Sandy Hook, CT parents and friends dedicated to providing immediate and continuing support for the 26 families of those who lost children and loved ones in the Sandy Hook School tragedy.

Obviously there is much more out there.. but we felt we could post a few to help out. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Podcast 35 - Null and Void

Awesome beats by DRE !

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What We Talked about:
  • Being Taken
  • Porn Habits
  • Male Rape?
  • Strippers
  • Best Cheese Burger
  • Banning the Legend
  • Justice League 
  • Doc Dre 

Those are ELBOWS

Not Allowed ! 

                  David Speaks the Truth !!! 
Scientifically, California does know how to party.

Extra Cheesy like Special K.

                              World's First Animation

Monday, December 10, 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Old Crush of the Week (JTT)

Switching it up here a little bit with a Dude Crush! Don't want to be to sexist here at Null and Void. We got some stuff for the ladies and the gays as well! 

Who remembers Jonathan Taylor Thomas ? Better yet JTT ?

Look at this Cutie Pie ! 

We all remember him from Home Improvement as Tim Allen's middle son, but did you know
he started out as son of Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch Spin off ? Did you know that show even existed ?

JTT from the Bradys

While his main run was on Home Improvement from 1991-98, he hasn't had  much major impact since then. He did provide his voice to one of the greatest animated movies of all time (in my opinion

He couldn't wait to be King ! 

He never really landed any major film roles, possibly the biggest being Pinocchio, and Tom and Huck (playing Tom Sawyer)  

Most recently, he has had some minor roles on TV shows such as Smallville, 8 simple rules and
Veronica Mars. (2005) 

Still looking fine while battling Superman

While he hasn't done any acting since 2006, he has been busy getting college degrees. Yes, this beauty has brains as well ! 

He enrolled at Harvard University, where he studied philosophy and history and spent his third year abroad at St. Andrews University in Scotland. In 2010, he graduated from Columbia University, under his legal name, Jonathan Weiss.

He still gots it ! 

We thank you JTT for being that sexy boy (and apparently smart too.. so hot!) we grew up with.
And you remain pretty handsome too ! Nice hair ! (Special K is jealous) 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Left Lane Hogs

Something I, Hi-C, hate is people who just cruise in the left lane for no apparent reason.  Special K is guilty of this. Left lane is for passing ! If the right lane is clear, please move over and stop hogging the left lane. 

Apparently I'm not the only one who feels this, there are numerous sites out there that highlight this issue which causes traffic and is potentially dangerous ! 

Here is an excerpt from pinoypetrolheads blog top 10 frustrating filipno driving techniques:

"First of all, let's say this with feeling: the left lane is a passing lane! 
I have nothing against people who like to drive at a careful pace. 
But PLEASE don't stay in the left-most (passing) lane for your entire journey. 
This usually forces motorists to have to overtake on the right side, 
which is the side that has the most pronounced blind spot."

This exists for a reason ! 

Here is a site to learn y'all about slower traffic and keeping right ! Also explains impacts on traffic.

Get your bumper sticker and share you knowledge

So lets all work together to make our driving experiences much better. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Old Crush of the Week 11/29

Fresh off the success of the All American Kelly Kapowsi, we are taking things back to our first ethnic crush. So for this Throwback Thursday, our Old Crush of the Week is a reader's choice.

I was never a big Cosby guy(only seen like one episode completely), so my first exposure to a black family was a delightful story about a Fresh Prince in a town called Bell Air.  Obviously the show followed the capers of Will and Carlton, especially the first couple of seasons where Will was a fish out of water.  Out of the cast of course Hillary was the natural eye candy back then, but there was a diamond in the rough, (neither Aunt Vivs), Ashley Banks was our longitudinal study of how a hottie develops, and so for giving me first inkling of jungle fever, Ashley Banks this week belongs to you.

I'm am so honored to be chosen.

Jungle Fever!!

I don't know why it surprises me, but she is older than me.  I had no idea she was born in 1979, all I know is when she first made her debut on Fresh Prince or FPBA as us Uncle Phil aficionados call it, she was a spunky 10 year old who wanted to learn what it was like growing up on the mean streets of West Philadelphia.  She was young and impressionable and was pretty much there to complete the family, much like the younger kids in Family Matters that disappeared.  She was pretty much there for the cute factor alone, but things change and in this case change is good, very good.

Will can you teach me how to fight?

See cute as cute can be, but with any child actor there is always the possibility that they will grow into an ugoh.  No offense to child star ugohs, but you start off so cute and then eww.  Here is a sad example of a cute kid turning into an ugoh.

Should have let the robbers get him.
As the seasons went on, her character started to increasingly be part of the main story lines. She became a lot less sheltered and then she started to get hot.  This led to many awkward situations like: her dressing too provocatively for Uncle Phil, her dressing too provocatively for Carlton, Will hitting on a "fly honey" and her turning out to be Ashley to his horror and our amusement.  Her hotness also led to plenty of romances on screen.  She went on TV dates with such famous actors as Urkel and Ruf-I-OOOOOOOOOO.

Did he do that?
Lookie, Lookie, I got her cookie?
As the show started to wind down she got hotter, which was fantastic for us, but she also started to push her music career, which wasn't fantastic for us.  She also was dating Jonathan Brandeis for the longest time, the kid from the awful karate movie with Chuck Norris, Sidekicks.  She also went to Harvard, though it seems like child TV stars either go to Ivy league schools or to Crack-town once their careers are over(Hi-C thought).  

The left one is Carlton and the right one is Will
Her acting career after the Fresh Prince really wouldn't wow anyone, besides maybe Hillary.  She was in Glory Road, and whole lot of stuff you probably wouldn't know at all.  Lets not forget her memorable appearance as Nick Cannon's mom in a music video, "fuck Nick Canon" (Chapelle).   She is currently on a TV show called "Love That Girl!" on TV One, whatever the hell channel that is.  And now I think she is a little bit crazy from this quote alone of her talking about her character, "One thing that I do love about her is that she is really multidimensional", what does that even mean?.


Though the two best things about her is she is still pretty darn cute, and she is willing to be seen with weird looking guys, so she's telling us there is still a chance.
Exhibit A
But in all seriousness she has turned into quite a smoking hottie, even though she is forgotten by most, we still carry a torch for her and we wish her more success so we can see more of her on the big screen.  So Ashley, thanks for not just being our Old Crush of the Week, and still looking fine, but being my first mocha princess.  Oh what the hell one more piece of eye candy to show her off.

In the words of Will, "Girl you look so good, I wish I could plant ya, and grow a whole field of y'all"

A nice video showing her growing to greatness

Oh and one last thing let me blow your mind, Uncle Phil voiced this cartoon character:
Tonight I dine on turtle soup!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Archive Updated

Find all of the our old casts on the Archive Page. Now updated to our latest podcast #34
And if you haven't heard Podcast 34 yet... WHAT are you DOING ?  Its right there below..

Podcast 34 ... do it.. .do it NOW ! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Podcast 34 - Null and Void

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What we talked about:

  • Thanksgiving Recap
  • Bad Boys
  • Half Billionaires !
  • CBreezy
  • Real Benjamin Buttons
  • Rihanna's Boobs 
  • Drink your Peepee
  • End of Philly
  • Bengazhi.. Really ?

Want to touch....


Not Allowed... not even Dirty J ! 

Benidict Cumberbatch... aka Sherlock

but I make Hit after Hit. 

Update ! Boy/Girl meets world

Breaking ! 

Cory and Topanga are Back ! 

According to E-Online looks like the couple has signed on the show!
Great news... rejoice! Now where is Feeny?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Old Crush of the Week

With great success which was our Throwback to Topanga, this week we bring you probably the sexiest of our Old Crushes, Kelly Kapowski.

Now some of you probably didn't know that the first season of Saved by the Bell wasn't called Saved by the Bell but Good Morning, Miss Bliss.  And there is a reason why many of you don't know about it, that's because it sucked, and after much research in the Null and Void lab, we have discovered that it sucked because there was no Kelly Kapowski.  So Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen , it will be a cold day in hell when I start calling her Tiffani Thiessen), this week we salute you as our Old Crush of the Week.

I'm only with him cause he's the main character.
Kelly was pretty much if you mix every ingredient that makes America so great in a blender and weird science'd into a high school girl you would get Kapowski.  She was a cheerleader, she was nice and friendly, she had the most popular boys in school battling for her attention, and she seemed to be the salt of the earth.  The most important thing though was as we got older she got hotter, much hotter.

You'd have one of these under your bed if you could  too.
Through her years she meta morphed from the crush, to the cheerleader, to the poor girl who couldn't afford to go to prom, to the lifeguard(great summer season btw), and she was a pop star(I'm so scared!!)

Don't take Caffeine Pills, you will go crazy!

Then for some reason or another Kelly disappeared for a season and Tori showed up and well, lets not talk about it.  The question is would your rather see this:
I think you are gee golly terrific!
or this
Is this where the Indigo Girls cover band is playing?
Obviously Tori's parents were holding the president of NBC hostage, and he escaped because Kelly made her triumphant return a season later.  She went to Hawaii where her uncle owned a shack hotel that was going to get taken over by an evil "bro" and his cut throat business father(God I love plots of the 80s and 90s) and if I recall they saved the place by beating them in a limbo jet ski contest or something along those lines.

There is a reason Zack is smiling the most.

From there they headed off to College, and after going to school at a Community College, she was able to transfer to the school everyone else went to for Saved by the Bell: The College Years(There aren't any bells in college).  This all climaxed to a shotgun wedding which includes the following: Zack getting paid to go a date with a woman while with Kelly at the same restaurant, mobsters chasing them through a hotel, and special cameo of Jessie Spano in the last 5 minutes of the special.  
About damn time!

Since the completion of Saved by the Bell series, 1994, she hasn't been in anything of much significance besides 90210, Fastlane and lets not forget her important work in Dusk till Dawn 2:Texas Blood Money(an American classic if there ever was one).  Currently she can be seen on USA's "hit show" White Collar.
This picture just because!
Unlike our last crush Topanga, Kelly is still pretty attractive, obviously Tiffani-Amber Thiessen is no Kelly Kapowski anymore but she can still turn a couple heads in a room, especially if they grew up in the early 90s.

I don't remember those from Saved by the Bell.

Jimmy Fallon was trying to get the whole gang back together, besides Lark Vorhees being crazy, Tiffani-Amber apparently was too busy being unfunny to be able to come on his show.

No matter what she does, Kelly Kapowski will always be with us.  She was the hottest girl we "knew" growing up and memories like that don't fade or disappear(Tori).  Tiffani-Amber Thiessen wherever you are, you should feel proud that you molded so many young minds, and we thank you for being who you are.

One more, cause why not?