Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Itunes issue... podcast 45 will be on itunes shortly !

Itunes have updated some of their requirements for podcasts, so we are in the mist of making some updates. 45 will be on Itunes as soon as possible. 

 46 is also on its way !

Shout out to Boston's finest for catching/killing those terrorists.

Help where you can.....

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And to keep null and void going...
Here are some acryonyms from mental floss to digest while you wait.... 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Podcast 45 Null and Void

Who recalled this ?

Download Mp3 here
Or Listen Here

What we talked about:

  • Omega Bet
  • Taxes
  • Jurrasic Park 3D
  • Duck Tales
  • Women aren't Funny Redux
  • Korea - WTF ?
  • Faking it
  • Bras
  • No Oral
  • Snapping Legs
  • Movie Reviews
  • Game of Thrones 

Coming this Summer

I want one ! 

Lets Play ! 

nice puppy

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We are Still Alive !

Yes, I know.... we have been MIA.... both of us have been sick.
And work has been kicking Hi-C's Ass.  Special-K is a bum. 

We will be back this week from our Hiatus.

In the meantime check out our newest fan Kid Moxie, who reached
out to us with some of her new songs !

I am sending you my new song "The Bailor" that just got released, 
video shot in Athens, Greece last month.

song on soundcloud as well: