Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stay tuned... big Update comming...

Got a huge suprise comming next week. 
We will return with Podcast 50.. and a super duper prize give away ! 

Did you like man of steel ?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Been on Vacay !

We are still alive and well.. summer vacactions getting in the way... but 50 is still planned 
and will happen. So hang in tight ! 

We will talk about Last of Us (greatest ps3 game in my opinion)
Summer Movies (Superman, This is the end... and more..)
and Porn of course ! 

Enjoy the Summer Song Hit....

Have you seen the uncensored blurred lines video yet ? Google that isht. 

Till we get to 50 here are some fun links from around the web:

Boobs getting in the way for Female Sport ladies. 

Top 10 Autobots ! 

Top 10 Decepticons !

Back to the Future Theory - From Dirty J

Deadly matchup... Batman versus DeadPool

And some Wierd Randomness....