Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Where are you guys ?

Surprise... Surprise a post from Null and Void ?

 I'm posting on Null and Void's Status, since I have been getting some questions..... 

First... we are not dead.  The original equipment that we used to record is dead though.
We tried recording on our new laptop and mics and it failed.  We simply have not had the time to trouble shoot our issue.  

Second ... we had a lot of personal life events that has kept us super busy. 

Third .... we actually have one podcast we haven't released, but due to the technicnal issues you can only hear Special K. We can post it if you want to listen to him sound like a schizophrenic. 

Right now with a new family member and one of us traveling the world... we will look to get a a podcast out in August.  Email us the demand people. 


 In the meantime check out Ant Man (Hi-C approved)


Null and Void Quick Review:

Straight forward story (typical marvel origin movie)
Great effects 
Paul Rudd is a delight (as always) 

A feel good movie that adds to the marvel universe. (stingers after the credits) 

If your a marvel fan, or a paul rudd fan (um.. who isn't?) .. .this is for you. 
I enjoyed this more the Age of Ultron.