Thursday, December 3, 2015

Are People the Problem ?

The Quest to be Right.... Humanity's Problem

Just some thoughts and opinions from Null and Void....
Check out the Videos (especially the Do you know God Video) 

Is there a correlation ?

Religion, politics, science, and even something as trivial as video game consoles all have something in common. Everybody has an opinion about them. Many are so passionate about them; they refuse to believe anything else.  This refusal to even view or accept other onions has lead to arguments, fights, wars and even worse, death.

Video: We didn't Start the Flame War... Opinions are easy to express on the Internet

I included video games consoles just as a simplistic example on how dedicated people are in their views and want to ensure their idea, their decisions are vindicated. If you have ever seen a video game forum, people will argue till the bitter end on how the console they chose is the only correct option. This translates into many material objects as well, cars, cell phones etc... A common online term is fanboy. While there is no definite definition, one point is clear across the various versions of fanboys is unabashed loyalty. While fanboys may seem trivial, this simple concept of wanting to be correct reverberates all throughout our lives.

When looking at religion, there are hundreds in the world. Many relay even the same message, but what then is the cause of such separation in the world? It’s not a simple answer but it comes down the core that people are unwilling to admit they could possibly be wrong.  When people have dedicated their lives to certain teachings or ideologies wrong or right, the concept that they could be wrong is life shattering.  The human ego has evolved by society and its surroundings. People are afraid that their lives will lose meaning and cannot grasp the fact there could be other answers.  Granted this is a generality and doesn't account for everybody across the board. (I hope that was obvious).

Video: Do you know God ? An interesting take on multiple religious views

Do people question why there so many religions and how one could the correct one as dictated by god ? Even atheists are guilty of this and will push their agenda saying religion itself is phony. Atheists themselves cannot 100% disprove a religion as truth. People are not willing to investigate or even read other religious documents to even get backgrounds. With the internet, social media, many people will read some unaccredited document or post and take that as fact as long as it aligns with their thoughts.  People should question their own thoughts to help progress thinking across the world. Why is my religion right? Why are others so dedicated to beliefs the same way I am in my thoughts/religion? This type of thinking maybe radical and when beliefs are ingrained from a young age it makes it a much larger challenge.

Politics is another good example on how people are split. Many times politics can and do get ugly. Take a look at any election in modern times.  Each side is looking to discredit the other side’s ideas.  Ultimately both sides’ goals are to lead the people in prosperity. Its people’s different opinions on various topics create such a divide. You don't typically see politicians try to compromise with the opposite party to help the greater good.  If the end goal is to help the people (you can argue that sometimes it’s not). Why is it such a slanderous procedure? Selfishness and the need to be correct no matter what, typically prevails.

I'll end this rant with a question Bill Nye raised during a debate he had with creationist Ken Ham. Bill mentioned if you can give me evidence behind your thoughts, I would have to explore them however when Bill asked Ken, what proof or evidence would you accept regarding scientific findings that are opposite your current thinking, Ken replied Nothing.  This type of thinking is fundamentally is wrong with the world. Is it that simple? , No, but it’s just a thought…..

How do we treat each other ?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Worst Type of Facebook Posts

As my facebook feed grows, I see a lot of similar posts, most I enjoy, but there are so many kinds that just irk me. I get it, I can understand I can unfriend, but then it becomes awkward if I am actually friends with the person.(which is rare..)   Most humans on my feed are hidden.... but still these leak through...

Here are some types that I can't stand:


1. The ugly selfie.... I'm not friends with models so the selfies that i get on my feed are less then flattering.... at least work out right ?

 2. The ugly girl post with absurd comments.  Come on.. is it a rule if a girl post a pic of herself no matter what, her friends have let her know she is pretty ? This causes all sorts of delusioned (not sure if that is a word) girls that complain they can't find a man. (psst.. its because your ugly) 

3. Crossfit (generally any fitness achievements)- nothing else more to say here. I don't care about your cult. I don't care that you love to run marathons. I like pizza. 

4. Your vacation pictures..... thanks for reminding me my life sucks and you can travel the word, while i sit here looking at your piscasa albums. I hate you.

5. Your ugly kids/babies.  This may sound mean, but I get it, you want to share your bundle of joy with the world. No problem with that.  But I do have a friend with a weird ass looking kid and frankly I hate that I know he knows how to wipe his own ass now. 

6. Your wonderful fancy dinners . I eat McDonalds. I dont post about it. 

7. Similar to number 6, your cooked dinners.  Thanks for reminding me about a skill I don't have.  Go on chopped or something if your soooo good.

8. Your wedding, engagement, child birth.... Im single and forever alone. Thanks for not inviting me, but still allowing me to wallow in my misery. (no open bar here)

9. Your social and political opinions.  I thought I was friends with you. But now you have confirmed your a dumbass.  Agree with me or be shunned. 

10. Your stupid sports team. I don't like your team, and I don't care about your team winning, losing or star player is raping people.  Actually correct that, I do actually love seeing misery posts about when your team loses heartbreakingly. Keep those coming.

I hope buzzfeed doesn't steal this. 
But like buzzfeed and the fatjew... i found these images on google. I'll take them down if you want, but Im not famous so don't sue me. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Null and Void Podcast 65

N&V 65- AARP Edition

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We made it to 65... but we aren't retired yet. 

Highlights of what we talked about:
  • Our College Reunion 
  • A family of Cigarettes
  • Chinese driving
  • All in the Family
  • Hollywood is GAY (bane,bane,, thats my name !)
  • A new PenIS mightier 
  • Face Blind
  • Pats Cheat
  • MGS 5 
  • Batman

And a special Celebrity guest stops in. (take a guess by the pic) 

Bonus : Secret question from our Number one FAN! 

wait till you see the video
Not Really Safe for work.

more cowbell please

to eat or not to eat?

battle royal

cheaters never prosper ? 4 superbowls says otherwise

I love chinese news

that is jax teller and the mayor from the wire (aka little finger)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bionic 6 and Turbo Teen... anybody ?

Anybody remember watching this show ? 


Am I the only one who remembers ?  Last podcast we talked about a bionic penis, and thus this theme song popped into my head.

Also how about Turbo Teen ?  I think Dirty J and Hi-C are the only ones to ever watch this show.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Podcast 64 - Null and Void

N&V 64 - Now your playing with Power

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Whats this? Another podcast and so soon ? I don't believe it !!! 

Highlights of what we talked about:
  • The perfect murder
  • Brojobs
  • Kermit the Frog
  • N64
  • Stringer Bell
  • Chinese Hearing Problem
  • Detachable Penis
  • Hitman
  • Breakfast All Day 

id buy that for a dollar?

win a nobel prize

whats your top 5 ?

Keeping It Street - N&V

Hit up our latest Podcast 63 here from earlier this week. 

We talking Rap Battles in this post. (Discuss more in Podcast 64) 

 I'm sure you heard the diss tracks by Drake:

But nothing gets has hard as Tupac in hit um up

Remember Nas and Jay-Z ?

And love me the battles in 8 mile:

And for fun here is Special K's Jam

Listen to Trap Queen Remix Here

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Null and Void Podcast 63

N&V 63 - We arise again through the ashes of desire ? Yeah that sounds cool.

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Highlights of what we talked about:
  • Sad Shooting in VA
  • Trump the pimp
  • Curt the man Schilling
  • Ashley Madison Man
  • Subway - Eat Underage Pussy
  • Foot Network star Cooking
  • Nazi stuff
  • Xbox One Backwards
  • World Traveling and dreaded night bus toliet
  • TV world
    • Rick and Morty
    • Walking Dead - Spin offs
    • SOA
    • True Detective 
  • Summer Movie Reviews
    • Avengers, Jurassic, T5 and more
  • Greatest Porn Story ever Told

And our smashing Secret Question.

National Nazi Staring Knight Rider

Thats meeee


Have fun

Check out the humble beginnings of Rick and Morty:

And for the heck of it... when i was looking for phoenix pictures...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Null and Void Returns

Null and Void Returns Aug 27, 2015

We are the terror that lurks on the internets. 

Just too much crazy shit going on, and null and void couldn't be contained any longer. 
Check us out tomorrow.  Hi-C and Special K back in full force.  (trust us) 

Thank you windows 10... we tested out our equipment and success looks like we are back in business. 

Google does not lie.  (except when my wife checks my porn history) 

Special shout out to our Number One Fan Cag Kerig.  Your undying support gives us the feels. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Where are you guys ?

Surprise... Surprise a post from Null and Void ?

 I'm posting on Null and Void's Status, since I have been getting some questions..... 

First... we are not dead.  The original equipment that we used to record is dead though.
We tried recording on our new laptop and mics and it failed.  We simply have not had the time to trouble shoot our issue.  

Second ... we had a lot of personal life events that has kept us super busy. 

Third .... we actually have one podcast we haven't released, but due to the technicnal issues you can only hear Special K. We can post it if you want to listen to him sound like a schizophrenic. 

Right now with a new family member and one of us traveling the world... we will look to get a a podcast out in August.  Email us the demand people. 


 In the meantime check out Ant Man (Hi-C approved)


Null and Void Quick Review:

Straight forward story (typical marvel origin movie)
Great effects 
Paul Rudd is a delight (as always) 

A feel good movie that adds to the marvel universe. (stingers after the credits) 

If your a marvel fan, or a paul rudd fan (um.. who isn't?) .. .this is for you. 
I enjoyed this more the Age of Ultron.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Laptop... New Content.. New Podcasts

Cyrus the Virus had my laptop held hostage.  But with a new laptop computer for my birthday.. Null and Void can return once again from its many deaths !!! 

So we will be back talking about the Summer Movie extravaganza ! 
We already checked out Furious 7 ... so we will report back on that. And of course Jurassic Park (which looks like a disastrous pleasure)

And how about these trailers for star wars and batman ? Make sure you check this one out:

BTW ... Special K eats man mayonnaise.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Null and Void Podcast 62

Null and void podcast 62 - We cannot tell a lie

Listen here as well
Download MP3

Highlights of what we talked about:

  • Stress
  • rADIOIShack
  • How does your Dick Measure Up ?
  • We like Big Butts
  • Mature Batman
  • Eagles are crazy
  • Samcro
  • The Guest
  • Don't eat Tuna 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Podcast 61 Null and Void

Null and void Podcast 61 - Strange and Confused

Listen to the podcast and you'll understand this picture

Listen to us Here
Download the Mp3 Here

Highlights of what we talked about:

N&V requested - Marvel and Fox Listened

What is below the belt ?
Click here for the NSFW mind blowing picture 

Your daughter is hot though...

Seriously.. i think she ate the double down a few times

Would I try this ? Yes.. Would I be happy ? I don't know