Monday, September 14, 2015

Null and Void Podcast 65

N&V 65- AARP Edition

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We made it to 65... but we aren't retired yet. 

Highlights of what we talked about:
  • Our College Reunion 
  • A family of Cigarettes
  • Chinese driving
  • All in the Family
  • Hollywood is GAY (bane,bane,, thats my name !)
  • A new PenIS mightier 
  • Face Blind
  • Pats Cheat
  • MGS 5 
  • Batman

And a special Celebrity guest stops in. (take a guess by the pic) 

Bonus : Secret question from our Number one FAN! 

wait till you see the video
Not Really Safe for work.

more cowbell please

to eat or not to eat?

battle royal

cheaters never prosper ? 4 superbowls says otherwise

I love chinese news

that is jax teller and the mayor from the wire (aka little finger)


  1. I really skewed it with the flipping a coin for catcher designation portion of the question, but other than that, it was everything a #1 fan could ask for! Thanks, guys! Guess weekly was too much to hope for, but I'll still keep checking every week or so for new episodes.

  2. We will have another up soon... hopefully this weekend !