Thursday, May 30, 2013

Podcast 49 Null and Void

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Or download MP3 here 

Highlights of what we talked about:

Memorial Day BBQ
Fast and Furious  (click to see how to make a car) 
Undercover in Korea
Making a NBA franchise
Resident Evil 6
Coscto versus BJ
Breaking Bad for realz?
Tag team back again 
Helen Mirren
Omega Food
Are you a man ?

Leave them alone

Cronut ?

They share "real" hotdogs

hamburgers ! 

all a devious ploy ! 

Peek a boo ! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Podcast 48 Null and Void

Fast 6 Edition 

Download MP3 here
Or Listen here 

Highlights of what we talked about:

Mother's Day Success
Keeping Girls on the Bench
Eating Bugs
See Ya Becks
Xbox 1
Our Favorite Band 
Pool Water
Movie Reviews: Iron Man and Star Trek 
Turn off your Phone
Cheese steaks 

Rock Bitch  <-- Click for NSFW pics


A Hi-C special


Umm.. yeah. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Podcast 47 Null and Void Mothers Day Edition !

Even tough guys love their moms

Itunes should be up and running smoothly now! Hooray!

On a very special Null and Void, we dedicate this podcast to the most important women in our lives, our mommies.  And in honor of that we present you with Podcast 47 rated PG for our moms.

Some of what we talked about:

  • Kobe's Mama Drama
  • A New Hero Emerges
  • Jurassic News
  • Avenger 2 Hiccups
  • Secret to Living Longer
  • Wild Tacos
  • A Chip Winner
  • What Men and Women Lie About

The Secret to Eternal Youth

The King of the Tacos
Thank goodness this isn't being used in JP4

Not cuddly at all.

But Mommmm!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Itunes Should be back in Time for Mothers Day

Ok... Relaxed now ?

I know, we have heard a lot of complaints about why we aren't back on Itunes yet, We have been troubleshooting as much as we can in our spare time, even brought in some outside help. But alas, to no avail we fail.

Hi-C however is working into extra gear to get this up and running, and has dedicated a Saturday afternoon to get this baby humming again !

So be paitent, and you can always still download us or stream us.

And our Special Mother's Day Podcast is comming up !

And for people that are curious about our issue... Podcasts just don't magically
appear on Itunes, you have to have a blog, RSS feed, XML tags, then meet
smart cast (itunes) requirements. If something is screwy there, then it all goes to hell.

But anyways.... totally off topic to keep ya'll entertained... where are the power rangers ?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Podcast 46 Error (and dogs rule?)

Lately we just suck at the technology part of this. 
46 is available on streaming... the download links should be fixed today. 
Itunes is still a mystery, blame Special - K 

Anyways... since Special K sucks... here is a cool tit bit:

Coolest Dog, or just Wrong ?

Most dog owners delight in teaching their pet to "shake a paw".
But the trick a German man taught his canine companion was much more sinister... it learned to do a Nazi salute. The German Shepherd crossbreed, called Adolf, lifted its paw up high on command in imitation of the infamous raised-arm greeting used by Hitler and his cohorts.

The nine-year-old dog's owner, known as Roland T, boasted brazenly in front of police about the animal's trick - even though the Nazi salute is banned in Germany. And the 58-year-old former car salesman chalked the name "Adolf" above the door of his pet's kennel in Berlin.

He claimed the dog was born on Hitler's birthday and he planned to have him put down on the anniversary of the dictator's suicide. This, he said, was because he could not afford dog food after being fined for other Nazi-related behaviour.

Roland had been handed suspended sentences by courts since 2003 and was said to be notorious for openly giving Nazi salutes and wearing pro-Hitler T-shirts.

Read more:

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Podcast 46 Null and Void

Download MP3 here
Or Listen Here 

Still having Itunes issues.. but we are working on it  !! 
Our next Podcast is going to be very special.. Listen to find out ! 

Some of what we talked about:

  • Florida Weddings 
  • Epcot
  • Bday Gifts
  • Resident Evil 
  • Gay NBA
  • Beards
  • Being Good Looking 
  • Working out.. no dudes 
  • Daniel Son
  • Hated Celebs
  • Movie Reviews - Oblivion 
  • Dogs Rule 

10 Day Beard... not bad Ben

Amazing recovery ! 

Get out of my country you handsome man !

I hope they have the Crane Kick ! 

Great big Balls !