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Past Casts (The Archive)

The Birth of Null and Void: Podcast 1
Creation of the Secret Question: Podcast 2
Dogs Rule: Podcast 3
Devils Threesome:Podcast 4
Quack Quack: Podcast 5
Credit Music: Podcast 6
Party Brunching: Podcast 7 (mass effect give away)
The Wet Willies: Podcast 8
Tyler Madea: Podcast 9
Gay Chicken: Podcast 10 (GUEST DIRTY J)

Canadian X-Men: Podcast 11
Zombies Ate My Neighbors: Podcast 12
Golden Ticket: Podcast 13
Adidas Slaves: Podcast 14 (GUEST DIRTY J)
Pedophiles: Podcast 15 (Diablo 3 Give away)
Chinese Mushrooms: Podcast 16
The Redux: Podcast 16.5
Falcon Dick: Podcast 17
The Dark Knight: Podcast 18 (GUEST Nuggets)
Save the Blow up Doll: Podcast 19 (GibNutz)
China Gold: Podcast 20 (Guest Bangarang)

Total Recall: Podcast 21
Jew on Jew Hate: Podcast 22
Spider Boners: Podcast 23
Jorts: Podcast 24
Anniversary Edition (9/11 look back) Podcast 25
Bacon and Slims: Podcast 26
Special K Dbag: Podcast 27
Fan Mail: Podcast 28 
Hulk Hogan Guest: Podcast 29 
Spook City: Podcast 30 (contest Dark knight, Medal of Honor)

Halloween Boob Touching: Podcast 31 (Guest Dirty J)
Jurraic Robo Sex: Podcast 32
Gay Blue Ranger: Podcast 33
Drink your Pee, End of Philly: Podcast 34 
Male Rape: Podcast 35
Survive 2012 Apocalypse: Podcast 36
Penis Butt & Racist Dog: Podcast 37
Fart City Bitch: Podcast 38
Negro Mountain: Podcast 39 (Guest D-Money)

We hate Pizza Hut (XL): Podcast 40
Cure for Special K: Podcast 41
I hate Manure: Podcast 42
Small Wieners: Podcast 43
Super Race Hybrids: Podcast 44
Yoga Pants: Podcast 45
Super Handsome Man: Podcast 46
Mothers Day Edition: Podcast 47
Bugs for Dinner: Podcast 48
The F**king Fries?: Podcast 49
Podcast 50
Podcast 51
Podcast 52
Podcast 53
Podcast 54
Podcast 55
Podcast 56
Podcast 57  


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