Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Worst Type of Facebook Posts

As my facebook feed grows, I see a lot of similar posts, most I enjoy, but there are so many kinds that just irk me. I get it, I can understand I can unfriend, but then it becomes awkward if I am actually friends with the person.(which is rare..)   Most humans on my feed are hidden.... but still these leak through...

Here are some types that I can't stand:


1. The ugly selfie.... I'm not friends with models so the selfies that i get on my feed are less then flattering.... at least work out right ?

 2. The ugly girl post with absurd comments.  Come on.. is it a rule if a girl post a pic of herself no matter what, her friends have let her know she is pretty ? This causes all sorts of delusioned (not sure if that is a word) girls that complain they can't find a man. (psst.. its because your ugly) 

3. Crossfit (generally any fitness achievements)- nothing else more to say here. I don't care about your cult. I don't care that you love to run marathons. I like pizza. 

4. Your vacation pictures..... thanks for reminding me my life sucks and you can travel the word, while i sit here looking at your piscasa albums. I hate you.

5. Your ugly kids/babies.  This may sound mean, but I get it, you want to share your bundle of joy with the world. No problem with that.  But I do have a friend with a weird ass looking kid and frankly I hate that I know he knows how to wipe his own ass now. 

6. Your wonderful fancy dinners . I eat McDonalds. I dont post about it. 

7. Similar to number 6, your cooked dinners.  Thanks for reminding me about a skill I don't have.  Go on chopped or something if your soooo good.

8. Your wedding, engagement, child birth.... Im single and forever alone. Thanks for not inviting me, but still allowing me to wallow in my misery. (no open bar here)

9. Your social and political opinions.  I thought I was friends with you. But now you have confirmed your a dumbass.  Agree with me or be shunned. 

10. Your stupid sports team. I don't like your team, and I don't care about your team winning, losing or star player is raping people.  Actually correct that, I do actually love seeing misery posts about when your team loses heartbreakingly. Keep those coming.

I hope buzzfeed doesn't steal this. 
But like buzzfeed and the fatjew... i found these images on google. I'll take them down if you want, but Im not famous so don't sue me.