Thursday, December 3, 2015

Are People the Problem ?

The Quest to be Right.... Humanity's Problem

Just some thoughts and opinions from Null and Void....
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Is there a correlation ?

Religion, politics, science, and even something as trivial as video game consoles all have something in common. Everybody has an opinion about them. Many are so passionate about them; they refuse to believe anything else.  This refusal to even view or accept other onions has lead to arguments, fights, wars and even worse, death.

Video: We didn't Start the Flame War... Opinions are easy to express on the Internet

I included video games consoles just as a simplistic example on how dedicated people are in their views and want to ensure their idea, their decisions are vindicated. If you have ever seen a video game forum, people will argue till the bitter end on how the console they chose is the only correct option. This translates into many material objects as well, cars, cell phones etc... A common online term is fanboy. While there is no definite definition, one point is clear across the various versions of fanboys is unabashed loyalty. While fanboys may seem trivial, this simple concept of wanting to be correct reverberates all throughout our lives.

When looking at religion, there are hundreds in the world. Many relay even the same message, but what then is the cause of such separation in the world? It’s not a simple answer but it comes down the core that people are unwilling to admit they could possibly be wrong.  When people have dedicated their lives to certain teachings or ideologies wrong or right, the concept that they could be wrong is life shattering.  The human ego has evolved by society and its surroundings. People are afraid that their lives will lose meaning and cannot grasp the fact there could be other answers.  Granted this is a generality and doesn't account for everybody across the board. (I hope that was obvious).

Video: Do you know God ? An interesting take on multiple religious views

Do people question why there so many religions and how one could the correct one as dictated by god ? Even atheists are guilty of this and will push their agenda saying religion itself is phony. Atheists themselves cannot 100% disprove a religion as truth. People are not willing to investigate or even read other religious documents to even get backgrounds. With the internet, social media, many people will read some unaccredited document or post and take that as fact as long as it aligns with their thoughts.  People should question their own thoughts to help progress thinking across the world. Why is my religion right? Why are others so dedicated to beliefs the same way I am in my thoughts/religion? This type of thinking maybe radical and when beliefs are ingrained from a young age it makes it a much larger challenge.

Politics is another good example on how people are split. Many times politics can and do get ugly. Take a look at any election in modern times.  Each side is looking to discredit the other side’s ideas.  Ultimately both sides’ goals are to lead the people in prosperity. Its people’s different opinions on various topics create such a divide. You don't typically see politicians try to compromise with the opposite party to help the greater good.  If the end goal is to help the people (you can argue that sometimes it’s not). Why is it such a slanderous procedure? Selfishness and the need to be correct no matter what, typically prevails.

I'll end this rant with a question Bill Nye raised during a debate he had with creationist Ken Ham. Bill mentioned if you can give me evidence behind your thoughts, I would have to explore them however when Bill asked Ken, what proof or evidence would you accept regarding scientific findings that are opposite your current thinking, Ken replied Nothing.  This type of thinking is fundamentally is wrong with the world. Is it that simple? , No, but it’s just a thought…..

How do we treat each other ?