Monday, January 25, 2016

Where did you Go ? 2016 happy new year update !!

Don't worry, we aren't dead.  Just been busy with other projects.  Just wanted to clear that up as had some loyal fans reach out asking for new podcasts.

We actually have a Null and Void project and been working on a comedy movie script, first draft just completed.  So hopefully we can get some traction on that.  (We aren't those assholes at Starbucks though)

Get an office dude.

But stay tuned... and we will update ya'll soon ! 


  1. I was waiting patiently until March (6 months, the time it took for the last hiatus before starting to worry :)

    Also: Tastykake update! We now have them available to purchase in Omaha! No need to send them any longer. Any future gifts will have to be in the form of street-vendor Philly soft pretzels :)

    Waiting for the next podcast...the movie thing sounds suspiciously like Rooster Teeth...

  2. The Movie thing is real !!.. we promise. Its just taken us a while since we are working with Nuggets (previous guest on the podcast)
    We have a few other life events we will bring up in the next podcast.

    1. "Harry and JewMar Go To Black Town". I'll watch it!