Thursday, August 27, 2015

Null and Void Podcast 63

N&V 63 - We arise again through the ashes of desire ? Yeah that sounds cool.

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Highlights of what we talked about:
  • Sad Shooting in VA
  • Trump the pimp
  • Curt the man Schilling
  • Ashley Madison Man
  • Subway - Eat Underage Pussy
  • Foot Network star Cooking
  • Nazi stuff
  • Xbox One Backwards
  • World Traveling and dreaded night bus toliet
  • TV world
    • Rick and Morty
    • Walking Dead - Spin offs
    • SOA
    • True Detective 
  • Summer Movie Reviews
    • Avengers, Jurassic, T5 and more
  • Greatest Porn Story ever Told

And our smashing Secret Question.

National Nazi Staring Knight Rider

Thats meeee


Have fun

Check out the humble beginnings of Rick and Morty:

And for the heck of it... when i was looking for phoenix pictures...

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