Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Left Lane Hogs

Something I, Hi-C, hate is people who just cruise in the left lane for no apparent reason.  Special K is guilty of this. Left lane is for passing ! If the right lane is clear, please move over and stop hogging the left lane. 

Apparently I'm not the only one who feels this, there are numerous sites out there that highlight this issue which causes traffic and is potentially dangerous ! 

Here is an excerpt from pinoypetrolheads blog top 10 frustrating filipno driving techniques:

"First of all, let's say this with feeling: the left lane is a passing lane! 
I have nothing against people who like to drive at a careful pace. 
But PLEASE don't stay in the left-most (passing) lane for your entire journey. 
This usually forces motorists to have to overtake on the right side, 
which is the side that has the most pronounced blind spot."

This exists for a reason ! 

Here is a site to learn y'all about slower traffic and keeping right ! Also explains impacts on traffic. 

Get your bumper sticker and share you knowledge


So lets all work together to make our driving experiences much better. 

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