Monday, December 24, 2012

Pcast 36 Holiday Edition - Dark Knight Give Away (N&V)

Love Home Alone

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Getting in the holiday cheer, Null and Void is giving away a copy of the Batman Trilogy 
on Blu Ray.  How do you enter for a chance to win ?  Simply leave a comment below on 
this post (make sure you leave a handle so we can contact you).  We will select a random 

What we talked about in Podcast 36:
  • Holidays ! 
  • Survive the Apocalypse 
  • Give Away
  • Help out Sandy Hook
  • Shiiiiiiiit
  • Kinect
  • Turk Turkelton
  • Belly Buttons
  • NRA 
  • Jack Reacher
  • Porn
  • Japan

A pizza in a pizza!

They keep growing, and growing, and growing


  1. You gave new meaning to "Baby Back Ribs" :)

  2. Happy Holidays ! (This is Hot Sauce !)

  3. Enjoyed the podcast ! - Brian Broderson