Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Poddy this week (12/2)

No more hiatuses... A new fun and interesting podcast this week !

Special thanks to our Number One Fan CAG kerig  for being alive and still listening  through out the years.  I nominate Special K to send out more tastykakes for such loyalty.  

But who am I kidding ?  Special K  never reads his own blog...

And just for fun.. some more Jurrasic Park Stuff !!

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  1. Mailing/Life FYI: I've moved back to Omaha! (Not going so far as back to Philly, eventually maybe detouring up to Canada someday)

    I was wondering why the Ferguson detour sounded like you two had already been in the podcast groove, and not all awkward like the last time there was a huge break (#50?). It made me start Googling to make sure I didn't have the wrong link to new episodes that were coming out.

    I ate at Pepperjax Grill the other night, they really DO have authentic Philly Cheesesteaks! First time I've said that since I left. All they need there is Tastykakes and soft pretzels (the #8-shaped kind that are all fused together sold in bags on street corners) and I'll be all set!