Friday, November 28, 2014

Null and Void Podcast - Ferrgie Detour

Special detour podcast about Ferguson. 
With special guest "Beef" our public defender friend from PA. 

What the is all this Ferguson talk ?
Null and Void had to weigh in on such a conversational topic. 

Listen Here as well Click ! 

Download the MP3 Here

What we talked about:
  • Background of the case (for you uninformed living under a rock people)
  • Why is this case a big deal ?
  • Our Opinions/Public Opinions
  • The Riots
  • How can we have solutions in the future? 

The Breakdown of the case (what happened?)


  1. alright, time for the yearly N&V Podcast! :)

  2. hey hey now... we have already done two !!!