Thursday, November 8, 2012

Girls..Guys...The Honest Truth

What is he thinking?
There are always articles in Men's Health, Cosmo, Maxim etc, about what Girls should know about Guys.  While many of these points are valid, they don't get into some of the important truths. 

Here at Null and Void, we have put together a brutally honest top 10 on the internal workings of how a guy really thinks. 

Null and Voids 10 Truths Guys Believe. 

1. Girls, you aren't that good at sex. Yes you can make us cum. Guys can cum to anything. 
We watch a lot of porn and we think disgusting things during sex. 

2. Some  Most of your conversations, we feel are pointless. We do humor a lot of what you say, 
but we don't relate to your shoe shopping or how stupid your friends are. Its a two way street, I know you don't care about sports and video games (not all girls). So I won't talk to you about it. 

3. If you feel you got fat, don't ask. You did. 

4. We think about other girls... all the time. But we do love you. Just because we want threesomes doesn't mean we care about the other girl. We don't. 

5. Your hand job is nowhere close to my skill level. Please put your mouth on it. (use the hand too) 

6. Your friends are NOT cute. They are fat and most of them are not cool or funny. Any attractive friends you have.. we have thought about having the sex with them. 

7. Girls are not funny. We have discussed this numerous times on Null and Void. Now don't misconstrue, Girls can be funny, but typically they aren't because they don't need to be. And if you are attractive and people are laughing at your jokes, you def aren't funny.

8. If you can cook, that honestly is a really big plus. 

9. If you don't get along with your Mom, we think there is something wrong with you. 

10. Guys also like being taken care off. We do compare you to our moms. If you don't measure 
up, we think you suck. 


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Remember we know these are generalizations... so don't flip out and send hate mail. But Hi-C loves hate mail. Special K not so much. He is sensitive. 


  1. The one about girls not being funny the most accurate version of this argument I've ever seen. They could be, they just don't bother.

    Also, we do wanna be taken care of. No one wants a princess except to bang her a few times and then show pictures to your friends.

  2. Speaking of princesses...where are the Null and Void Halloween pics?

    The Hand Job is a tricky one. It takes a lot of practice to get it right, and it's most likely customized to shape. If a girl DOES give a good one, it's either due to sheer luck or she's had almost as much practice/experience as you have.