Monday, August 19, 2013

Podcast 50 Xbox Give Away !

Here it is.. the Big 5-0 ! 
We made it... and to celebrate where giving away a preorder for.. a XBOX ONE ! 

For your chance to win, email us with your best "secret question"
and if yours is picked, we will send you a ticket for a XBOX ONE. 
We will close submissions by Sept 30th 2013. 

Don't know what a Secret Question is ? Its usually a diabolical question (think would you rather)
that usually has no right answer and puts the person answering in a usually a difficult (sometimes unmoral) predicament.  Listen to our past podcasts... we end each one with 
a "Secret Question" 

Don't forget to Check out Podcast 50 
Now out on on Itunes ! 

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