Monday, August 19, 2013

Podcast 50 Null and Void

We are back and back to our usual shenanigans ! 

Its been a while, but our summer vacation is over and we will be back
pumping out our usual nonsense. 

But before we get to Podcast 50, we would like to thank all the folks who
listen and have supported Null and Void.. .we have been going strong for over
a year now. 

To show our appreciation we have a super huge give away and check the next post 
for the details !  

Now on to the good stuff ! Podcast 50 !!!

Download MP3 here
Or Listen here 

Highlights of some things we talked about:

  • Contest !
  • Ending of a Life 
  • Movies Galore
  • TV recaps
  • GTA
  • Best Sex Tips 
  • Egypt is Crazy 
  • Sushi Doughnuts ?
  • Air Sex
  • Fantasy Football

Greatest Concert Ever

Holy crap... conjuring is real ?

Yes.. One Heart Attack please 

Need this.

Will this suck ?

My type of Kosher ! 

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