Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Robocop Reboot Review (spoiler free)

The Robocop Reboot

Hi-C's take:

Well, I know many looked at the reboot in utter distaster !
How could you reboot such a classic ! This will be crap !

Was it total garbage ?

I didn't think so. If your a fan of Robocop franchise which pretty much
sucks after the first movie,you maybe turned off by this reboot. 

But let me tell you why its not as terrible as i thought.  I went into the movie thinking it was going to be a pile of poop, but if you remove yourself from the 80's version, its turns out to be just a decent sci-fi flick. Decent special effects and your basic revenge story. It does draw out in the middle but its entertaining nonetheless. 

Its nothing griping, it doesn't do anything new, but its worth a watch at home for sure. It does have some homages to the original, but its really just a cyborg movie that uses the robocop franchise name. 

Bottom Line:

Worth 10 bucks in the theater: NO
Worth a 1.51 Blu-Ray Rental Redbox: YES  (essentially... I'd buy that for a dollar)

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