Sunday, June 3, 2012

Podcast 12 - Null&Void

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- The dreaded mall
- The Batmobile is here
- IR8 Primates 
- Madea! 
- Zombie Apocalypse 
- The Real Hulk
- Spin Dry 
- Philly treat
- Fat Girl Stigma 

PICS of Gross Zombie Dinner... (Click at your own risk)

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On a mission to find !!

Tumbler Live ! 

1 comment:

  1. Still enjoying my Tastycakes, I'm doing a rather poor job of trying to ration them out over time. I don't ever expect them to expand out too far as a company; sometimes the secret of staying in business (and zombie outbreak management) is to keep it contained. I'm still not sure how Entenmann's managed to get "imported" into many grocery stores all around the country. I never see anyone buy them but they're always available near the bakery section.

    Re: Once Fat Never All That:
    We already know that all women are mentally wired slightly "off", so logic would dictate that any surveys regarding Jabba-to-Leia women would yield low results simply out of misdirected jealousy.

    If Chartreuse Lantern doesn't knock someone out with a giant energy dildo then DC has failed yet again.